To access technical papers relating to CATACELJM and our developments, click on the links below:

CATACELJM SSR case study - Can Reformer
Don Lensner, Johnson Matthey

Structured catalysts for steam reformers.
W. Whittenberger and Peter Farnell, Johnson Matthey

Permanent, High Performance, Drop-In Replacement  Catalyst for Steam Reforming Hydrogen Plants.
W. Whittenberger

Custom Solutions for Fuel Cell Applications that are Smaller, Lighter, Less Costly and/or More Efficient.
W. Whittenberger

Catacel and NASA Glenn: Improving Efficiency of Hydrogen Production.
NASA Glenn Success Story

Controlled Catalytic Combustion Module (CCM).
W. Whittenberger

Catalytic, Hybrid, Lean Premixed Burner for Gas Turbines.
C. Carroni

Patel Announces Biomass-to-Liquid Fuel System.
Energy and Environmental Research Center®, University of North Dakota

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