Structured catalyst manufacturer Catacel earns continued ISO 9001:2008 with Design Certification



Brian Davis, CQE, Catacel quality manager

Brian Davis, CQE, Catacel quality manager

For the fifth time, Ohio-based Catacel Corp has earned ISO 9001:2008 with Design Certification. Continuation of Certification is earned only after diligent independent analysis of a company’s practices, documents and record systems, and determination that they strictly comply with corporate standards and quality management commitments. Catacel Quality Manager Brian Davis, CQE, first led Catacel to ISO 9001 Certification in 2010.

“Catacel is a quickly growing manufacturer whose emerging structured catalyst technologies will press it into even higher rates of growth,” says Davis. “We took the opportunity in 2010 while still at a small size to create and infuse a strict commitment to quality into our corporate culture and operating practices.

Catacel’s Quality Management System addresses the totality of our operation, both with focus on internal systems and outputs, as well as with our interactions with employees, vendors, customers and markets.”

Catacel designs and manufactures structured catalysts, a technology in which catalysts are coated onto thin foil structures that are designed to address heat transfer, throughput and pressure drop requirements in reactors found in systems ranging from stationary fuel cells to industrial hydrogen steam methane reformers. Superior heat transfer and reduced pressure drop mean fuel consumption for reactions such as steam methane reforming can be reduced by as much as 30 percent without change to reformate production.

Catacel’s structured catalysts can be custom designed for specific systems and requirements, and range in geometry from coated flat strips to highly structured and engineered forms incorporating fins, fans and various corrugated and wound configurations. Because Catacel’s catalysts operate with lower levels of fuel combustion, severity is reduced on reactor hardware such as reformer tubes so that the service life of these expensive system components can be doubled.

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