Solving common catalyst problems



Catacel is asked for specialty, custom made parts very often, and we are experts at finding solutions for various one-off and prototype products. But what about the system you already have in use? How can Catacel help an existing plant, or fit into a previously built system? These are the answers to the questions that we have received in the past:

My catalysts deteriorate over time; pressure drop increases and the catalysts become less effective.

Solution: The metal foils in Catacel catalysts do not crush, pulverize or bridge over time the way that ceramic catalysts do. Catacel catalysts are supported on foil, and they have thermal expansion properties similar to those of the metal reformer tubes in your plant. Reaction performance remains high, reducing or eliminating expensive shutdowns for catalyst media replacement.

I need to increase capacity, but I don’t have the budget for new equipment.

Solution: Catacel SSR® has more reactive surface area than ceramic catalysts, allowing you to attain a higher throughput in your existing equipment.

My system design requires a small footprint.

Solution: If your process is designed with Catacel catalysts in mind, you can reduce your reactor, combustor or system size to save space, as well as reduce costs.

My reformer tubes have warped from years of use.  Can Catacel SSR be installed in them?

Solution: Catacel’s SSR catalysts are designed just for you. They are delivered in a compact form that easily slips into existing tubes. Once inserted, a special tool expands and conforms them to the tube shape. The superior heat transfer properties of Catacel catalysts allow you to operate your process at a lower temperature so you will see less warping and damage to your equipment in the future.

I need better control over reaction rates to achieve my desired product or to prevent flashback.

Solution: Catacel can manufacture components with different corrugation geometries to manage heat transfer or reaction rates. It can also coat the foils with catalysts selectively to control reaction rates and prevent flashback.

Catacel catalysts look great, but my company won’t pay the higher price.

Solution: With higher efficiency and longer life, Catacel products pay for themselves in a short time, depending on what type of system you may be installing them into.


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