Catacel SSRs now compatible with steam reformation of propane



After years of using its Stackable Strutural Reactor (SSR) catalyst system for the steam reformation of methane, Catacel announced it has now developed an additional catalyst  system to reform propane.

This SSR system should provide the same benefits observed for methane because the only difference is the catalyst that is employed.

The Catacel advantage: Saving money

Catacel began using SSR for steam methane reformation more than four years ago at a plant in Turkey and introduced a new generation of the technology in May 2012. SSR involves coating highly active catalysts onto engineered foil fans that are inserted into tubular systems.

Compared to traditional steam methane reformation, SSR’s fans increase surface area, delivering more heat transfer at the same or lower pressure. This results in lower heat input and less energy used and can reduce natural gas consumption by 15 to 30 percent. Comparable reductions occur in steam reformation of propane.

Other SSR applications include increasing syngas throughput in new plants or any reaction that uses tubular systems where heat transfer is a factor.


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