Recharging your SMR with Catacel SSRŪ



Catacel’s SSR steam methane reforming catalysts are designed to work in your existing reformer tubes with no modifications. Hydrogen production plant operators that have loaded SSR into their reformer tubes have seen drastic reductions in combustion fuel consumption, beginning with the first day in operation. The superior heat transfer properties and reformate flow design imparted by SSR’s metal foil structures allow significant reduction of furnace temperatures, typically by 50 to 70 degrees Celsius, decreasing fuel consumption and reducing the severity of the conditions in which expensive reformer exist.

Getting started

When you contact Catacel for a quote, we will send you a questionnaire to collect the basic information about your reformer, production rates and general operating conditions.

The proposal you receive includes not only price and lead time but also a calculation of your energy savings and ROI payback period. Although most operations will see a return on investment in about two years based on fuel costs alone, you can expect to see additional savings that result from longer component life due to lower operating temperatures. 

The installation process

Installing Catacel SSR catalysts is safe, clean and easy. Remove the old ceramic catalysts, clean out the tubes and install the new catalysts. SSR catalysts are manufactured in compact forms that slide right into the reformer tubes. Once the structures are in place, a special tool causes them to expand and conform to the shape of the tube and all of its typical bulges and deformations. Catacel supervises installation by your personnel or your reactor service company and provides the specialty tools. As more and more reformer operators recognize the tremendous benefits of using SSR catalysts, we expect that many service companies will become skilled in doing the installations themselves.

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