New plant, technology center reflect Catacelís growth



catacel_1st nov blog image4399catacel_1st nov blog image4462catacel_1st nov blog image4585Catacel Corporation, a rapidly growing, high-performance catalyst manufacturer, welcomed the community, investors and clients to tour its new Ravenna, Ohio-based plant and technology center on Nov. 1. The expansive facilities allow the company to increase its manufacturing capacity while continuing to innovate within its field.

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“Advanced technology companies across the state are hard at work solving tough energy and environmental problems,” Bill Hagstrand, NorTech’s director of cluster acceleration, told the attendees. “Catacel, with its cutting-edge technology and product base in advanced energy and hydrogen production, is becoming a significant contributor to the global advanced energy industry.”

The company’s annual growth rate has exceeded 50 percent over the past three years.

“In the past year, Catacel has been adding equipment and employees to keep up with customer demand,” said Catacel CEO J. Gary McDaniel, noting that the new plant enables the company to grow “10-fold and beyond” in coming years. “The facility not only reflects our growth but ensures that we can make things happen quickly for our global customer base, adapting and evolving our work as the need and opportunity arise.”

Catacel’s novel products reduce the fuel used in a wide range of high-temperature chemical reactions, enabling these energy-intensive reactions to occur much more economically. Additionally, the company’s technology helps make existing equipment more efficient and enables new systems to be smaller and more cost effective.

“Our customers — who come primarily from the fuel cell, petro-energy and industrial gas industries — are able to save significant money while boosting their production,” said Catacel Director of Sales Don Lensner.

The expansion of a technology center gives the company the ability to bolster its roster of patents and its intellectual property base.

“This state-of-the-art facility positions the company to be at the forefront of solving the world’s energy and emission problems,” said McDaniel.

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