Lesueur joins structured catalyst manufacturer Catacel



Catacel welcomes fuel cell industry veteran Rick Lesueur to its business development team. Lesueur brings to Catacel a wealth of business and relationship development experience, including several years as a global sales executive in the fuel cell space actively served by Catacel.

As business development manager, Lesueur will focus his efforts on building new customer relationships in the high-growth fuel cell market and in other markets where Catacel’s technology intensifies heat transfer-dependent reaction processes.

“Rick has been in the Catacel orbit for several years,” said Don Lensner, Catacel’s director of sales. “We are confident Rick will be a key driver of our continued growth and are pleased to have him join us.”

Catacel engineers and manufactures novel, proprietary catalytic materials that significantly increase process throughput and improve energy and operating efficiencies by combining and improving heat transfer and catalytic functions. This technology platform significantly increases the efficiency of reactions that consume or produce heat. Catacel employs proprietary technologies to bond high-performance catalysts to the surface of formed thin metal foils. These materials demonstrate markedly superior performance characteristics as compared to traditional ceramic substrates, while larger surface area improves catalytic function and increased service life.

For more information visit www.catacel.com.

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