Retrofitting Warped Reformer Tubes with SSR Catalysts



People often ask us how they can use our circular structured catalysts when their reformer tubes have been distorted from heat and pressure. In fact, that is one of the problems our SSR catalysts are designed to solve. These assemblies are delivered in a compact form that installs into tubes that are no longer concentric, but are still serviceable. Once the assembly is in place, a specially designed pneumatic tool causes the SSR parts to expand outward and conform to the shape of the tube.

This is achieved by expanding a metal sleeve in the center of the SSR stack that pushes the assembly outward with a blast of compressed air. Inside the sleeve are ceramic cores and umbrella-like metal cones that lock the SSR parts into place. This animation illustrates how it works.

When you utilize Catacel SSR catalysts, you get greater heat transfer and improved gas flow, leading to lower temperatures and longer life for your reformer tubes.


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