2014: Johnson Matthey acquires the Catacel Corporation

Catacel Corporation was acquired by Johnson Matthey, a global speciality chemicals company and susequently intergrated into Johnson Matthey’s Process Technologies division. 

Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of catalyst technology to steam reformers in the hydrogen, methanol and ammonia markets. The further development and optimisation of the CATACELJM SSR technology will enable Johnson Matthey to offer its customers an enhanced range of market-leading catalyst technologies for hydrogen or syngas manufacture.


1985-2014: Catacel's origins 

In 1985, at a time when the catalytic converter industry was in its infancy, Camet Co. was founded on a new catalytic technology invented by Dr. William Retallick. Camet Co. created, developed and manufactured new emission control products made from metal foils with catalytic coatings. Over fifteen years, Camet Co. grew into a profitable business with sales approaching twenty-five million dollars per year.

Between 1985 and 2000, three Camet Co. team members – Dr. William B. Retallick, founder Richard Cornelison and William Whittenberger,  achieved international recognition in the catalytic converter industry as experts in catalysis, metal foil substrate design, and the invention and commercialization of superior catalyzed metal substrate products for catalytic air pollution clean up. In 2001, these three individuals created Catacel Corp.

Catacel was founded to use crossover technology from the predecessor Camet business to create and commercialize new metal substrate products not related to exhaust treatment. Since then, Catacel developed and commercialized numerous solutions for fuel cell, hydrogen and other industries where value can be added for those needing catalytic solutions that involve high temperatures, heat transfer or reforming.

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