Johnson Matthey’s selection of CATACELJM catalytic heat-exchanging material is available in a wide range of geometries, forms, and capabilities – each custom developed for specific customer needs. Employing proprietary technology, Johnson Matthey produces high-performance catalysts and sorbents which we are able to:

  • Apply to the surface of thin, formed, metal foils, packaged for demanding environments. These materials enable high-throughput chemical reactions operating in temperatures from 60°C (140°F) to 900°C (1652°F) in small, lightweight, and energy-efficient packages.
  • Custom develop for the application and typically integrate directly in our customers’ OEM systems (e.g., fuel cell systems, gas-to-liquid reactors)
  • Provide for use as building blocks in smaller distributed hydrogen systems, and for a wide range of hydrocarbon compositions. 


The CATACELJM range of materials delivers unparalleled advantages in heat transfer, weight, size, durability, reliability, and service life. In turn, our customers realize fast ROI due to improved throughput, increased energy efficiency, condensed overall plant size, and reduced plant operational costs.

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