Continued growth drives Catacel into new, larger plant



picture000Catacel Corp., the leading producer of high-performance structured catalysts for the industrial gas, hydrogen generation and auxiliary power fuel cell markets, has moved operations to a 22,000-square-foot facility in Ravenna, Ohio. All production and manufacturing operations are expected to be at full rate in the new plant by mid-September.

“Years ago, we predicted that our growth would compel us to move within this year, and it certainly did,” said Don Lensner, Director – Sales & Marketing. “Our plant in Garrettsville (Ohio) was Catacel’s home for several years, and we achieved many significant milestones there.  The move to Ravenna signals our confidence that we will sustain the high growth rate we have been demonstrating. Uptake of our products and technology continues to increase in energy and gas processing sectors, and we are developing additional technology for other application demands. We are proud to be a part of Northeast Ohio’s advanced technology community.”

Catacel designs and manufactures structured catalysts, a technology in which catalysts are coated on to thin foil structures designed to address heat transfer, throughput and pressure drop requirements in reactors found in systems ranging from stationary fuel cells to industrial hydrogen steam methane reformers. Catacel’s structured catalysts typically move heat in to or away from a catalytic reaction with much higher efficiency than does the legacy technology, catalyst-coated ceramic pellets. Superior heat transfer and reduced pressure drop means fuel consumption for reactions such as steam methane reforming can be reduced by as much as 30 percent without change to reformate production.

Catacel’s structured catalysts can be custom designed for specific systems and requirements, and range in geometry from coated flat strips to highly structured and engineered forms incorporating fins, fans and various corrugated and wound configurations. For more information on Catacel structured catalysts, visit or call 330.298.7005, ext. 115.

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