Catalyst Options Continue to Increase



Catalyst powdersCatacel is widely known for steam methane reforming catalysts that are used for industrial hydrogen generation. Much has been written about the burner fuel reduction and throughput increases that Catacel SSR® has demonstrated in industrial hydrogen reformers. But did you know that Catacel produces catalysts for a variety of feeds, including methane, wet methane and propane? And now, a new methanol steam reforming catalyst is in the final stage of development and will be introduced early in 2014.

In addition to proven steam reforming catalysts, Catacel produces a partial oxidation catalyst (CPOx) that is used in fuel cell systems for the production of heat and hydrogen. Other oxidation catalyst systems produced by Catacel include several combustion catalysts, as well as tailgas oxidizing catalysts. The tailgas oxidizing catalysts are used in fuel cells to eliminate trace hydrogen and carbon monoxide from the effluent and are prescribed for a wide range of system space velocities. Catacel also offers a catalyst to purify product hydrogen by combusting trace oxygen from the outlet stream.

Catacel catalysts are coated onto metal foil structures that are optimized for reactivity, heat transfer and pressure drop. Catacel is uniquely capable of customizing these systems to meet customer performance and price targets. Catacel’s structured catalyst systems are used in place of conventional ceramic-supported catalysts and often enable smaller, less expensive reactor designs in new equipment.

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