Catacel Technology Cleans Up Residual Carbon Dioxide



A manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells recently approached Catacel to design an in-line catalytic burner to convert virtually all residual carbon monoxide in the fuel cell anode and cathode exhaust streams.


Their Challenge, Our Configuration Solution

The Catacel design was intended to replace an off-line burner. Because it was a retrofit, Catacel had to design a compact structure that fit into the existing space. In addition, the combustor needed to achieve sufficiently uniform fuel concentration and velocity distribution across the catalyst in a limited space and with a low pressure drop. Space constraints and performance requirements made Catacel’s thin foil high-performance reaction technology and system design capabilities an ideal solution.

After a series of design and CFD iterations, we modeled a configuration that provided sufficiently even velocity and fuel distribution on the catalyst, and met all other system requirements. We completed the detailed design and manufactured a prototype that we delivered to our customer.

Results at System Start Up

The burner has performed as expected in a 50kW test unit. Catacel’s in-line catalytic burner successfully attained all targets during system start-up, part load and nominal load. At nominal conditions, the CO concentration drops from the 3,000-4,000 ppm present at burner inlet to below the detection limit of the measurement apparatus (4ppm).  This yields a conversion rate of more than 99.9 percent in the burner.

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