Catacel starts production at new plant adds quality auditor



Cindy 1High-performance catalyst manufacturer Catacel Corp. commenced manufacturing operations for its global clientele on Sept. 9 in its new 22,000-square-foot facility in Ravenna, Ohio.

This first production run concludes a 10-day move cycle in which Catacel’s array of precision metal forming, thermal processing, catalyst formulation and materials handling equipment was relocated from its plant in nearby Garrettsville. Also moved was a series of high temperature laboratory reactors where Catacel’s novel foil-supported catalytic materials are developed and tested. Subsequent to this move, Catacel filled its first new position in the Ravenna plant with the promotion of Cindy Custer to the position of quality auditor.

“Cindy has been closely associated with Catacel’s ISO 9000-certified quality program, first as a production operator, and later as an internal quality systems auditor,” says Brian Davis, CQE, Catacel’s quality manager. “Her role now will be to ensure Catacel’s stringent quality requirements are met during receiving inspection, material handling, gage calibrations, gage studies, first piece part approvals and random process audits. Cindy will continue in her role as an internal auditor and will be remain an invaluable resource in our efforts to cross-train our workforce. As our customer base and production orders continue to increase, we will continue to invest in continuous improvement of our systems and processes.”

Catacel specializes in the design and engineering of catalyst-coated metal foil structures that increase performance in high-temperature, heat-transfer-limited reactions such as fuel reforming to make hydrogen-rich syngas for fuel cell stacks. Catacel’s structured catalysts are designed to move heat and flow in desired directions and with reduced pressure drop penalties, making them ideal for reformers in applications ranging from stationary fuel cell systems to industrial gas and hydrogen production at full commercial scale.

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