Catacel SSRŪ Cuts Fuel Use 30 Percent, Reduces Reformer Temperature up to 70 degrees C in Hydrogen Plant



Mexico-based CPIngredientes, a manufacturer of food ingredients, switched to Catacel Stackable Structural Reactor catalysts in its on-site hydrogen plant. SSR is Catacel’s patented, high-performance steam methane reforming catalyst and is comprised of engineered thin-foil structures coated with proprietary catalyst.

With superior heat exchange properties, nearly 2.5 times the reaction surface area of a standard offer catalyst and a design that delivers lower pressure drop, SSR reduces consumption of fuel by the reformer burners. Unlike ceramic pellets, the metal foil units do not fracture, clump together, create space voids or increase tube pressure drop over time.

Significant Fuel Savings and Extended Catalyst Life

Catacel supervised CPIngredientes plant workers in conducting the two-day change-out. From start-up, the plant demonstrated reduced fuel use and lower reformer temperatures. Months of operating data demonstrated reductions in burner fuel consumption of up to 30 percent and consequential reductions in reformer temperature of up to 70 degrees C.

The saving on gas for the burners is expected to give the company a payback period of less than two years on the retrofit. Add to that longer catalyst life and longer tube life as a result of lower operating temperatures, and CPIngredientes can expect to see substantial cost savings in the coming years.



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