New equipment orders keep Catacel prepped for growth



augblog1imageStructured catalyst manufacturer Catacel is purchasing a wide range of new equipment that will enable the fast-growing company to stay ahead of increasing customer orders. The Ravenna, Ohio-based company continues to see a surge of interest in its products, which include high heat transfer catalyst technology for hydrogen and syngas production, and fuel processing systems for stationary fuel cells.

“Continuous improvement of Catacel’s production lines assures that customer orders – whether for long-run supply or demonstration prototypes – can be fulfilled on time and at the stringent levels of quality customers expect,” says Dave Becker, Catacel’s vice president of manufacturing. “Our process engineers are always thinking ahead to the systems and equipment we need to employ to stay at the forefront of high-performance catalysts. It’s been nonstop investment since we moved into our new plant in September 2013. We are very fortunate to have nearly 60,000 square feet of adjacent plant space into which we can quickly expand.”

New equipment being ordered now includes a larger furnace for expanded thermal processing capabilities, new catalyst compounding equipment to enable a 300 percent increase in capacity, an additional coating station for Catacel’s SSR® catalyst for industrial steam methane reforming that will triple current production capacity, upgrades to an existing belt furnace and the addition of an automated part transfer and weigh station for SSR, and winder and coating process upgrades to provide greater capacity for fuel cell products.

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