Catacel Recognized for Plant Renovations


Site acquisition and renovations began early in 2013, and months of interior and exterior renovations and improvements were made to the 80,000-square-foot facility before Catacel moved into it in September.

Recognition of this effort was made by the chamber and the state on the basis of Catacel’s beautification of the facility, and its commitment to entrepreneurship and job creation in the community.

Catacel designs and manufactures structured catalysts, a technology in which catalysts are coated onto thin foil structures and used in systems ranging from stationary fuel cells to industrial hydrogen steam methane reformers. Catacel’s structured catalysts typically move heat into or away from a catalytic reaction.

Superior heat transfer and reduced pressure drop means fuel consumption for endothermic reactions such as steam methane reforming can be reduced by as much as 30 percent without change to reformate production. Similarly, exothermic reactions — those that create heat such as combustion reactions — can be tapped for higher heat recuperation using Catacel structured catalyst technology, leading to additional system performance gains.

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