Catacel provides sorbent-coated foil solutions for carbon capture applications



PowerplantCatacel Corp. has developed a heat exchange reactor that will provide a cost-effective, durable and energy-efficient platform to enable CO2 capture, the most costly step of the carbon capture and sequestration processes. Catacel’s sorbent-coated foil technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce imports of energy from foreign sources. This technology enables a recently developed sorbent material to be displayed on corrugated metal foil surfaces, which are then arranged in a fixed bed heat exchanging reactor, a scaled version of reactors that Catacel currently uses in fuel cell, fuel reforming and other applications. The integration of these technologies represents the first such practical and commercially viable process that overcomes the physical and chemical challenges of separating CO2 from the exhaust of power plants.

Heat management is a critical issue that has limited the scale-up and deployment of solid sorbents. Catacel has developed proprietary heat management technology in order to skillfully manage temperature in these coated structures. The absorption/adsorption of CO2 in an actual operating system can be quite exothermic and reactor design has a major impact on the economics of sorbent-based capture processes. Heat management is vital to prevent “temperature runaway” and subsequent sorbent degradation during the absorption step.

Catacel’s technology for adhering materials to metal foil surfaces and arranging those surfaces in heat exchange relationships will provide a durable and cost-effective platform for capturing CO2 post-combustion. This key implementation design provides a novel solution for deploying sorbent materials such that flue gases are efficiently exposed to sorbent materials.

Catacel has nearly 25 years of experience engineering and producing high-performance structured catalysts. The company has engineered solutions for a diverse range of global clientele in the aerospace, fuel cell, industrial gas, refinery, chemical and clean-tech industries.

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