Notes from the 2014 European Fuel Cell Forum


Catacel managers Larry Cirjak, Ph.D., and Don Lensner participated in the 11th European Fuel Cell Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland, July 1-4.

The focus of the event was “Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electrolysers: Key enabling technologies for sustainable energy scenarios.” Reports and presentations at the conference confirmed that fuel cell research and development in Europe are benefiting from substantial investment by the European Commission, with a 50:50 EU-industry budget of $1.8 billion over the next 10 years. Major initiatives include improving the efficiency of stationary power generation and demonstrating the viability of large-scale hydrogen production from renewable energy sources.


Significant reductions in lowering the operating temperatures of solid oxide fuel cells over the last 10 years without sacrificing power density are putting this technology on the path to commercial viability. It is now envisioned that continued development along those lines could make SOFCs viable in a broad range of transportation applications, in addition to the stationary and remote power systems now being commercialized.


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