Catacel is bullish on high-growth fuel cell market forecast



Smiley_117Despite continuing challenges in technology commercialization and cost, a leading market analysis and research firm is predicting the global market for fuel cells powered by hydrogen, natural gas, methanol and anaerobic digester gas will grow at a compound rate of 32 percent annually from 2013 to 2018, with revenue increasing to $2.5 billion from the present level of about $630 million.

Even if this forecast by U.S.-based Markets and Markets, a leading market analysis and research firm, is optimistic by half, it nevertheless foreshadows tremendous gains in fuel cell applications and deployment across the globe.

Catacel is proud to play an important part in this high-growth industry by providing compact, durable and lower-cost structured catalyst solutions for many of the reforming and combustion reactions inherent to fuel cell systems of many sizes. Fuel cell manufacturers that are incorporating Catacel structured catalysts do so with the knowledge that our structured catalysts reduce the size, weight, complexity and cost of key catalytic components while offering unsurpassed service life and uptime durability. Catacel catalysts are developed for the broad range of fuels that exist globally.

Catacel designs and manufactures structured catalyst materials, a technology in which catalysts are coated onto precision engineered thin foil structures that substantially increase the utilization of heat and fuel, resulting in improved system economics and service life. Catacel serves a global clientele, and its recent growth has resulted in moving operations to a much larger manufacturing plant in Ravenna, Ohio, a move which will occur in September 2013.

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