Catacel hires Michael Skeggs as engineering manager



Michael Skeggs, B.S. ChE, brings to Catacel substantial experience in leading process engineering and R&D teams at locations around the world. His diverse career spans industries from polymers to electronics manufacturing and he has led programs for custom engineering, equipment design and new product scale-up that incorporated cutting-edge technology into innovative solutions for difficult problems.

He is Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing trained and has been recognized for his manufacturing efficiency improvements and dedication to customer satisfaction.

As engineering manager, Mike will lead Catacel’s technology team in the design, development and continuous improvement of Catacel’s products, including compact reactors, heat exchanging catalytic components and catalyst supports used in industrial hydrogen and syngas production, fuel cell power units, gas separation and air quality systems.

Mike will also engage on production automation programs driven by Catacel’s volume manufacturing requirements.

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