Catacel to exhibit at European Fuel Cell Forum



Catacel_lucerne.jpgCatacel commercial and technology managers will attend the 11th European SOFC & SOE Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland, July 1-4. This marks the first time Catacel has exhibited at the event, where it will display and discuss examples of the heat exchanging, thin-foil structured catalysts and compact reactors it fabricates for fuel cell applications.

“We accelerated our catalyst development program in response to alternate fuels and fuel compositions that are typical in Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere,” says Larry Cirjak, Ph.D., Catacel’s director of reaction technology. “For example, the commonly used term ‘city gas’ translates to different compositions in different locales. Put the expanding use of butane, propane and liquefied gases into the mix, and it becomes necessary to have catalysts available to reform all these feedstocks into syngas that are acceptable to the fuel cell stack. We are pleased to have accomplished this to the degree that we can offer reforming solutions for fuel cell systems used throughout the world.”

In addition to reforming catalysts and compact reformers, Catacel also provides catalysts and reaction materials for various combustion and partial oxidation reactions frequently required by fuel cell systems. Its thin-foil structures are designed to increase heat exchange, making endothermic reactions more fuel efficient, while enabling higher rates of heat recuperation from exothermic reactions.

The foil structures are also designed to reduce pressure drop where that property is constrained, and to provide very long service life owing to the absence of failure modes associated with ceramic media and the presentation of more catalytic surface area in a given volume. These benefits combine to allow fuel cell system designers to minimize the size and footprint of reformers and combustors, reducing the cost to build and facilitating the balance of plant integration.

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