Catacel Continues Engineering Expansion


Catacel is pleased to welcome Jonathan Park, BSChE, to its technology team. With more than 10 years of experience in both research and process engineering, Jon brings to Catacel his unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and practical ability. He has managed projects from conception to commercialization, including several large process design projects. He has also applied his expertise to a range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to biofuels, most recently leading the design for a 50-million-gallon/year Ethanol project in Latin America.

Jon Park photo1

In his role as senior process engineer, Jon will work with Catacel’s technology team in the design, development and continuous improvement of Catacel’s processes for the manufacture of compact reactors, heat exchanging catalytic components and structured catalysts used in industrial hydrogen and syngas production, fuel cell power units, gas separation and air quality systems.

Catacel is recognized worldwide as a leader in heat exchanging catalyst technology that reduces fuel use, operates more efficiently at lower temperatures, moves heat in and out of reaction beds more effectively and provides years and years of problem-free service. This is why fuel cell system designers, industrial SMR designers and process plant operators worldwide are implementing Catacel’s structured catalysts in their applications.

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