Catacel and DJW Technology Partner on CPOx Hydrogen Generator



H2 Gen 1When a global fuel cell company sought to develop a catalytic partial oxidation (CPOx) system that will generate hydrogen-rich syngas at almost any altitude, temperature or humidity condition found on Earth, it turned to Catacel for its compact catalytic reactor technology. For assistance with the system engineering, including the balance of plant and the control system architecture, Catacel turned to DJW Technology LLC of Dublin, Ohio. Catacel and DJW Technology engineers worked closely with the customer in the design, packaging, demonstration and delivery of the hydrogen generator, which will now undergo life testing at the customer’s facility in the United States.

The generator is designed for natural gas or anaerobic digester gas (ADG, 60 percent CH4 / 40 percent CO2) feedstock, converting it via partial oxidation to a hydrogen-rich syngas. CPOx technology was selected as the fuel reforming method over typical steam methane reforming to avoid the super-heating of water, thus increasing power efficiency while allowing for a more compact system design.

Catalytic partial oxidation is one of many reactions enabled by Catacel’s heat exchanging structured catalyst technology. Catacel catalytic materials are in use in fuel reformers using methane, propane, methanol and other hydrocarbon gas feedstocks, as well as in a wide range of combustion and gas separation applications. Catacel also designs and manufactures compact reactors for many of these reactions that are widely used throughout the fuel cell industry.

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