New data corroborates CATACELJM SSR process intensification


A new study published by Johnson Matthey provides the best look yet at the plant performance increases made possible by the use of CATACELJM SSR structured catalyst in industrial steam methane reformers. 

The study is based on actual customer data for a 90,000 scfh SMR located in the US.  After operation with CATACELJM SSR technology from March to June 2015, data was collected for comparison to the previous pellet catalyst performance from October to December 2014.

The data attest to remarkable quantified benefits.  With CATACELJM SSR technology replacing the pellet charge, the fuel efficiency of the plant increased from an average of 6.6 scfh H2 produced for every 1 scfh of fuel natural gas, to 15.5 scfh H2 per 1 scfh fuel natural gas.  Data also attest to a 20-25% increase in achievable production rate when charged with CATACELJM SSR. 

Read the complete CATACELJM SSR can reformer case study and review the supporting data.


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