JM Manufacturing Excellence Programme Selects Catacel Executive


Johnson Matthey (JM), long recognized as a global leader in manufacturing excellence, has selected David A. Becker, Operations Director for Johnson Matthey's Catacel Technology Center in Ravenna, Ohio, USA, to participate in the JM Global Manufacturing Leadership Programme (GMLP). 

The GMLP is a strategic initiative to develop JM manufacturing and operations management capability, with focus on continuous improvement of customer experiences and value propositions.  Appointed as a result of nomination and critical selection,  Becker’s participation in GMLP will begin in October 2015, and run through November 2016.  In that year he will travel with the GMLP team to JM manufacturing facilities in West Deptford, NJ; Taloja, India; Germiston, South Africa; Gliwice, Poland; and Royston, UK. 

The programme is led by experienced business school lecturers with expertise in area such as operations management, finance, sustainable manufacturing strategies and high-level customer relationship principles, while giving participants exposure to different cultures in various JM plants.

“I feel very privileged to be accepted in the GMLP, because what we learn from this will directly benefit our customers”, said Becker.  “GMLP is yet another example of how Johnson Matthey takes a long-range look at its technologies, capabilities and requirements, and creates winning strategies to serve our customers and contribute to their success.”

Johnson Matthey's Catacel Technology Center specializes in the development of heat exchanging, structured catalyst technologies that impart process intensification into fuel processing applications found in systems ranging from stationary fuel cells to industrial syngas reformers.  Formerly Catacel Corp. and acquired by JM in September 2014, the facility serves energy and process industry customers throughout the world.  

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