Breakthrough catalyst technology


Johnson Matthey’s new breakthrough catalyst technology, CATACELJMSSR, a high performance catalyst coated stackable structured reactor for steam reforming, delivers greater capacity and longer catalyst life than traditional pelleted catalysts. 

The adoption of CATACELJMSSR technology in the steam reformer provides significantly cooler tubes with lower methane slip and pressure drop, decreased energy consumption and improved carbon resistance, resulting in substantial increases in throughput.

We invite you to download our recent article featured in Petroleum Technology Quarterly’s 2015 Catalysis issue, titled, “Structured Catalysts for Steam Reformers”, by William Whittenberger and Peter Farnell of Johnson Matthey Process Technologies.

If you would like additional information please let us hear from you.  Our technical support team will work with you to assess your needs and determine if CATACELJM SSR technology is a good fit for your operation.

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