Benefits of structured catalysts for methane reforming to be presented at 2013 FCS&EE



SSR HT chartStationary fuel cell system integrators will be interested in a presentation delivered by Haridas Attur, MSME, of Catacel Corp., at the 2013 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition Oct. 21-24 in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. Attur will report on key performance comparisons of Catacel’s foil-based, heat exchanging SSR® steam methane reforming catalyst system and traditional catalysts supported on ceramic substrates.

By presenting laboratory test data and actual results demonstrated by commercial systems using SSR, Attur will demonstrate the relationship between the superior heat exchange and pressure drop properties of SSR, and the fuel reformer durability, size reduction and increased energy efficiency that many fuel cell platforms need to successfully commercialize.

Catacel’s structured catalysts are based upon proven catalysts coated onto high-surface-area foil supports to provide superior system performance. This is especially true when the catalyst structure is designed to combine catalytic and heat exchange functions. This combination results in breakthrough performance in size, weight, throughput and energy efficiency. Combining catalytic reaction with heat transfer allows a more compact, lower-weight, lower-cost reactor design. In many reactions that are heat transfer limited, it is also often possible to achieve higher throughput rates.

Catacel catalysts are now in use or in testing by several of the world’s leading fuel cell system integrators. General indications are that Catacel materials operate without replacement for the entire planned life of the fuel cell system, increasing the reliability of fuel cell technology and delivering very favorable economic value to commercial system providers.

In addition to Attur’s presentation, Catacel will exhibit several of its product and technologies at the event’s exposition. Commercial and technology executives from Catacel will be on hand to discuss specific applications.

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